Sep 23, 2011

Feel my heartbeat travelling to the beat. Love the symphony

I made a break through in Korean just now and had to share. I still feel like a clumsy ogre when I speak out loud. but I realized I was drawing the syllables out to long and the breathe holding trick  only worked to a point, and well it also made me look foolish lol. I especially started having problems when I had the bright idea to learn the lyrics to my favorite songs as a way to improve vocab, pronunciation, and speed. It was a major fail. Forget getting to the translating part of the ride, every sentence felt like the cruelest tongue twister ever. I've drilled the syllables over and over again, so why couldn't I string them together when need to, *sigh* so frustrating. I  started snapping my fingers out of annoyance to hurry myself along I guess and surprise surprise I got through the sentence. The light bulb dinged on above my head and Shazam lol!  I raced to my computer to find  a Internet metronome to try. It took a bit of experimenting but so far  I've had the best results with 70 bpm, adagio, 4 beats per cycle, beat 1 accented. I breezed through to the first chorus using this method.

All Hail the Metronome. Metronome be praised

 Also my brain is fighting remembering the lyrics much less. I tried this on my collection of  phrases and it did wonders. Seemed a discovery worth sharing. Let me know if it works for you.= )

벨라 화이팅!
Bella Fighting!



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