Jul 29, 2011

She wore a raspberry beret The kind you find in a second hand store

I love thrift stores. The  hunt, the savings, and  never knowing what I might find; is heaven to me. I snagged an especially good haul today. Thought I'd share with the class.

-brand new Fox Run  English muffin/Crumpet Rings 2 sets of 4  $1.49 each

- a super fancy water proof/insulated rolling pinic carrier. (It only came with the plates, untensils, cheese board, cheese knife, & wine opener shown in this picture) $6.74 ( retails for almost $200)

- a great quality vintage cookie jar $3.01

- Cookie cookbook $1.12

- Huge 21 quart Granite Enamel Ware Stock pot ( I was having problems finding anything big enough to salt cabbage & mix all my Kimchi at once) 5.20

$19.05 + tax well spent, eh?

I hear acceptence is the first step. Hello my name's Nik(o) and I'm a thrift bitch. lol

Jul 12, 2011

What a melon!

I have a weakness for Trader Joe's samples. Even if it's something I know I loathe, like beets *shiver*, I just can't help but try it. This lack of willpower led to a wonderful discovery.

                                               Watermelon salad!

OMG soooo yummy. I'm religiously against fresh fruit in salads. But it was so savory, with just the right of cooling sweetness.  The perfect addictive salty/sweet combo. I'm going to start testing recipes, so I can make it for a picnic this weekend = ).  I want to play with how different herbs  (basil, mint, cilantro, and thai basil) alter the taste. I'll keep you guys posted on my results.

Jul 5, 2011

Hellooooo Internets

Hey there Stranger,

Allow me to tell you a tale, a story about a girl. A girl who loved to cook. A girl who loved to cook and the assorted interests she often rambled about ( Language Learning, International Thriller Movies, Asian Dramas, Food in History, Photography, Health, Retro Glamour, Natural Beauty concoctions, Race/Class/Culture & related curiosities.). A girl who loved to cook, the assorted interests she often rambled about, and the blog she hoped to pen about them.

I am that girl and this is that blog. Nice to meet you. 始めまして。만나서 반갑습니다.  (^-^*)/

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