Jul 29, 2011

She wore a raspberry beret The kind you find in a second hand store

I love thrift stores. The  hunt, the savings, and  never knowing what I might find; is heaven to me. I snagged an especially good haul today. Thought I'd share with the class.

-brand new Fox Run  English muffin/Crumpet Rings 2 sets of 4  $1.49 each

- a super fancy water proof/insulated rolling pinic carrier. (It only came with the plates, untensils, cheese board, cheese knife, & wine opener shown in this picture) $6.74 ( retails for almost $200)

- a great quality vintage cookie jar $3.01

- Cookie cookbook $1.12

- Huge 21 quart Granite Enamel Ware Stock pot ( I was having problems finding anything big enough to salt cabbage & mix all my Kimchi at once) 5.20

$19.05 + tax well spent, eh?

I hear acceptence is the first step. Hello my name's Nik(o) and I'm a thrift bitch. lol


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